Avengers: Infinity War is affectionately known as the most ambitious crossover event in history, and while that may be true, we’re more impressed with its visual effects work. Now, a new VFX breakdown video highlights the difficulty it took to bring a character like the Iron Spider to life.

When it comes to a visual effects shot, there are always many elements to it. From the beginning 3D frame to the ancillary details that are added later to create a more realistic shot, Infinity War required a lot of attention, and seeing everything come together in the video is quite remarkable.

One of the shots shows the detail added to Ebony Maw, highlighting how visual effects artists slowly and painstakingly craft characters from scratch. The wrinkles, hairs and shadows are on point delivering a life-like CGI character.

The video also reveals how some of the shots are set up. You can tell by the camera movements how the shot was planned, but seeing it add the CGI elements is impressive.

By far the most impressive breakdown is the Iron Spider suit. Instead of the elastic material used for the standard suit, the Iron Spider suit is made of metal which means it is super reflective. You have to capture this reflective characteristic to create a realistic representation of a metal suit, and VFX studio Framestore hit it out of the ballpark.

Seeing the video in full lets you know where Avengers: Infinity War’s near $400 million budget went to. It is well worth a watch.