Marvel movies are known for performing well at the box office, and Avengers: Infinity Wars is all but assured to follow suit when it opens on April 27. According to early numbers, Infinity Wars is shaping up to be a monster hit.

AMC Theaters is reporting advanced ticket sales for Avengers: Infinity War are trending well ahead of other MCU films. Ticket sales are 257-percent higher than Black Panther, 715-percent higher than Captain America: Civil War and (a ridiculous) 1,106-percent higher than Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The last figure is the most impressive. It's normal for sequels to track ahead of their predecessors, but Infinity War's pacing over Age of Ultron is mind boggling. That may suggest Infinity War will top Age of Ultron's opening weekend of $191 million. 

If it succeeds, Infinity War could have the biggest opening for an MCU movie. To do so, it'll have to top The Avengers' take of $207 million. That should be easy enough; early numbers peg Infinity War to end up with around $215 million, but that number might end up climbing higher as anticipation builds up.

Will it get anywhere close to Star Wars: The Force Awakens' biggest opening of all time of $247 million? That remains to be seen.