Avengers: Infinity War is opening April 27, and early tracking numbers peg the opening to be nothing short of massive. Currently, the big MCU mash up is expected to top $200 million when it opens later this month, joining an elite company of box office blockbusters.

The $200 million mark for Infinity War is an early estimate, a number that could climb as the release date nears. An exact number hasn’t been thrown out yet, but it could very well top Black Panther’s $202 million opening from earlier this year. It might even get close to breaking the record for biggest MCU opening, eclipsing The Avengers’ $207 million mark set back in 2012.

Currently, there are only five movies to ever break the $200 million opening weekend barrier. Infinity War is likely be the sixth member of this rare group.

Whatever number Avengers: Infinity War ends up being, it is a surefire hit for Disney at this point. Anticipation is at a fever point and it’s only going to increase as the movie nears. The only question now is how much money it’ll rake in by the end of its theatrical run, which will likely be over $1 billion.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.