It seems there is no stopping the scorching pace Avengers: Infinity War is on. The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe broke all kinds of records during its opening weekend and not it’s threatening to surpass Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Disney’s most successful movie ever.

During its second weekend, Infinity War grossed $112.4 million at the domestic box office, good for second best all-time. That brought its total domestic take to $450.8 million, placing as the 15th highest grossing domestic movie of all-time just eleven days into its run. It is currently on pace to end up with somewhere north of $700 million domestically.

As impressive as that is, where it’s really setting records is at the international box office. So far, Avengers: Infinity War has amassed a stunning $1.16 billion in eleven days—the fastest pace ever for a movie.

To put that into context, Black Panther—another record-breaking MCU movie—sits at $1.3 billion. Infinity War will likely pass that within its first two weeks of release.

Most impressive of all is the fact that Infinity War has not opened in China where it is sure to break more records. When all is said and done, it looks like the pinnacle Marvel movie will end up with over $2 billion at the international box office, becoming Disney’s most successful movie ever. Currently, The Force Awakens holy that record with a total worldwide gross of $2.06 billion.