There’s a touching moment in Avengers: Infinity War when Tony Stark is in hot pursuit of Ebony Maw after the attack on New York. Realizing he might not survive, Stark calls Pepper Potts and tells her he won’t be home for dinner. The implication is that he could very well die, so he seizes on the opportunity to tell her goodbye.

It’s also this moment there’s a very heartbreaking Easter egg, which was noticed by Reddit user thauron93.

As Stark is on the phone with Pepper, the score being played is the very same that was played when Steve Rogers spoke with Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. In that situation, Rogers sacrifices himself for the greater good—something Tony was doing in his pursuit of Ebony Maw.

It shows the parallels between the two characters, despite their differences. Tony is often seen as arrogant and reckless, while Rogers is virtuous and altruistic. But the two, in the end, are one and the same—at least when it comes to their actions when it really counts. Both characters were willing to sacrifice themselves to save millions.

Avengers: Infinity War is filled with Easter eggs, but this one is easily the most heartbreaking. It recalls a key moment in Captain America’s story, and again proves that Tony Stark is willing to do anything for the greater good.

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