We’ve had over three months to unpack the events of Avengers: Infinity War and we’re still not done finding little details. The latest find comes from Reddit user Junt4 who noted a small detail that gives a nod to a future member of the Avengers.

Early in the movie when two members of the Black Order—Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian—arrive on Earth to retrieve the Time Stone, there is a small—and by small we mean blink and you’ll miss it—shout out to Captain Marvel.

As Maw and Obsidian come across Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Wong, you’ll notice that Obsidian has a piece of clothing draped from the hip that looks exactly like the pattern on Captain Marvel’s suit. There’s the red and blue (though it looks kind of purple) scheme with the slanted double gold line that is a key staple of the classic suit.

The reason for the appearance of the pattern is unknown but it’s most likely just a neat Easter egg the Russo brothers put in the movie in anticipation of Captain Marvel appearing in her own movie next year as well her as joining the crew in Avengers 4. It looks like they didn’t want to make it too obvious, which may be a reason why the pigmentation of the color blue has been shifted to purple.

Regardless, it’s a great Easter egg most of us missed upon our first viewing.