Marvel managed to cram an astounding 76 different characters into Avengers: Infinity War, a crazy figure in its own right, but they almost had 77. In a recent interview with Fandom, directors Joe and Anthony Russo shared that cult favorite Howard the Duck was almost in the film, and actually had a cameo in early drafts of the script. If you remember, we got a super brief Howard cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy,  voiced by Seth Green and then again in Vol 2  on Contraxia. Due to his MCU connection to the Guardians, it made sense his  Infinity War role would come via Peter Quill. Joe Russo explained:

“Yeah, it was [Peter] Quill trying to track down some information from Howard the Duck on some outlier planet and interrupting him during a poker game.”

Russo even took it a step further saying Seth Green would not not be reprising his role as Howard’s voice, but instead Ken Jeong was to take on the role. Given the Russo’s affinity for mixing in cameos from their TV show days. Jeong was featured prominently on Community (one of my favorite shows) a series the Russo brothers helped produce.  

While I doubt we’ll ever see another Howard the Duck Movie, chances are still pretty good we’ll see him pop up at some point, fingers crossed for something in Avengers 4.

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