When you’re eyeballs deep in superhero movies like we are, it’s easy to forget that not everyone pays attention to these movies like we do. For example, I heard someone in a coffee shop this week say that “apparently Infinity War is just the first of a two-parter.” One Avengers fan brought it all into sharp relief when they asked their wife to name all the characters after seeing the movie.


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you know every character on the list or, at least, a huge chunk of them. You might even know the real names of many of these characters.

Superhero fans are all over the place these days. My aunt eats up every Marvel movie and CW show that comes out. But there are still more people that skip most of these movies than those of us that catch them all, and the cast of characters in Avengers is simply too big to remember. But if you have to make up names, this woman is on the right track.

Gamora does look like She-Hulk. And if you’ve seen an X-Men movie, as most of us have, a guy wearing red goggles is definitely going to be Cyclops, which means that some of the other magical warriors on the cast are probably from that same team – hence Rogue and Rogue? on the team. The second Rogue – Scarlet Witch – actually is an X-Men team member in the comics, which makes that connection point even funnier.

But when you get down to it, people know the core characters – Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, the Hulk – and that’s about it.

Now, though, your job is to find your comic-avoiding loved one, take them to Infinity War, and get them to name the characters.

But for those of us eagerly anticipating these movies, we’ll have to wait until May 3, 2019, to find out what happens to Cyborg, Republican Chris, War Maiden, and a raccoon in Avengers 4.