We’ve seen our fair share of Avengers: Endgame theories over the past year, but this newest one may be the craziest yet. Multiple fans have honed in on details like the Quantum Realm and Time Stone to piece together a plausible theory, many of which make a surprising amount of sense, yet this new one usurps those by arguing that we’ve all been fooled from the beginning.

It’s no secret Marvel likes to drop hints of its movies or plans in various other projects. What this new theory proposes is that it has been dropping hints for Avengers: Endgame since Avengers: Age of Ultron was released three years ago. Basically, when Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to see the 14 million different outcomes, instead of just seeing the outcomes, he puts the moment in a time loop that will repeat itself until the events in Endgame.

This means people don’t really die and it’ll be an easier way for them to theoretically come back. As for some of the hints Marvel has dropped, the theory focuses on the Age of Ultron scene where says, “This is a time loop,” which neatly connects with the theory.

Furthermore, the theory also points to the glowing Time Stone Doctor Strange hands over to Thanos. As past theories have pointed out, the Time Stone glows, meaning it is activated and possibly interacting with the time loop suggested.

The last drop into the theory is that with the time loop set up, this means that the “Infinity War” is actually happening. With the climactic battle in the movie, the battle only took place in a few locations. With the theory, it is taking place in an infinite loop serving the title much better.

That’s probably one of the crazier theories we’ve come across. Per usual, though plausible, take it with a grain of salt. The final plot for Avengers: Endgame most likely will turn out to be completely different.