There are spoilers for Avengers: Endgame ahead. Do not read on if you wish to avoid them.

Stan LeeNo, this isn't from Endgame! This image is from Stan Lee's cameo in Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4.

There have been two things you can always expect from a Marvel movie in recent years. The first is a post-credits scene and the second, a cameo from legendary creator, Stan Lee. Despite his passing, Stan Lee is still making cameos in Marvel movies, and Avengers: Endgame is no different.

Stan Lee does indeed make his traditional appearance, but you may initially think you blinked and missed it. Early on during scenes with Ant Man, there's an elderly gentleman in a suit with a helmet on, but this isn't Stan Lee.

Instead, Lee makes his appearance further through the movie during the scenes from 1970, yelling at the base as he drives past. It's safe to assume from his dialog, Lee's character is something of a hippie coming out of the 60's.

In any case, we're happy to see Stan Lee continue to appear for as long as possible. His cameos never fail to break out a smile.

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