Marvel has released the first official trailer for Avengers: Endgame, giving fans a tiny glimpse of what to expect. There's ruin across the globe as the Avengers struggle to accept that Thanos snapped half the universe out of existence. But, with a glimmer of hope, Earth's Mightiest Heroes refuse to be defeated. Every time they get knocked down, they get right back up.

Everything you need to know about Avengers: Endgame

"Whatever it takes," is a line frequently said in the trailer, underlining the lengths the Avengers are willing to go in order to undo the damage. How, exactly, they'll achieve their goal is unclear, but we have some ideas.

The trailer does a nice job of teasing what's to come without getting into spoiler territory. With just over a month to go until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, that's exactly the way we like it. If you're the type of person who is left wanting more, we dug through the official trailer for clues and secrets.

Here are 10 things the latest Avengers: Endgame tells us.

Tony Stark is alive

The first teaser for Avengers: Endgame showed Tony Stark and Nebula stranded in space with no food or water, and death knocking on their door. But this is Tony Stark we're talking about. If anyone can figure out how to get out of such a predicament, it would be him.

The final shot of the new Avengers: Endgame trailer shows that Tony and Nebula (likely) escaped certain doom and are now back on Earth, ready to undo the horrible death and destruction wrought by Thanos.

Captain Marvel meets the Avengers

We saw Captain Marvel meet the Avengers in a post-credits scene in her solo movie. Now that the cat's out of the bag, Marvel has no problem showing that the powerful hero is going to join the Avengers. At this point, we don't know how much she'll factor in. We're hoping Marvel doesn't rely too much on her abilities as a crutch in the fight against Thanos—but boy are we glad to see her.

The Avengers refuse to give up

The Avengers have faced several challenges before, but nothing quite like Thanos. Still, they refuse to give up, even after being defeated at the Battle of Wakanda.

"I keep telling everybody they should move on," Captain America says. "Some do, but not us."

Even with the odds against them, the Avengers refuse to give up hope. In the teaser from February, there was a similar focus on not giving up. "Not us."

Time travel

There's been a persistent rumor floating around that Avengers: Endgame will see the Avengers travel through time. While the latest trailer doesn't directly confirm this, there are a few clues as evidence.

In the voiceover from Agent Carter about a changing world, she tells Captain America, "All we can do is our best. And sometimes the best that we can do is to start over."

If we read between the lines, Carter's speech about starting over could indicate that the Avengers are going to "start over," as in start from the beginning before Thanos collected the Infinity Stones.

New suits

Near the end of the trailer, the Avengers are seen walking through Avengers HQ wearing new suits, which look eerily similar to the suits worn by Hank Pym and his crew in Ant-Man and the Wasp. This leads us to believe that the Avengers are going into the Quantum Realm, where they might jump into one of the time vortexes mentioned by Janet Van Dyne.

"Whatever it takes"

Even with uncertainty and little hope, the Avengers will do whatever it takes to reverse the snap. If that means going into the Quantum Realm, where they might get stuck forever, then so be it. The Avengers won't give up and accept defeat.

"Even if there's a small chance, we owe this to everyone who's not in this room to try," Black Widow says.

World in decay

Following Thanos's snap, the world isn't prospering like he imagined. There's peril and decay everywhere—the opposite of what the Mad Titan promised. When you eliminate billions of people crucial to running industries, the world comes to a halt, putting even more lives in danger.

Rocket and War Machine

Rocket has teamed up with several Avengers in the past, from Star-Lord to Thor to Winter Soldier. Now, it looks like he's going to team up with War Machine, who is very much back in the fight and looking more badass than ever. Side note: Rocket's suit in the Avengers: Endgame trailer looks a lot like the original suit he wore in the comics.

Attack on Avengers HQ?

There are a few shots of a battle taking place, from Nebula on the attack to Ant-Man navigating treacherous terrain. Our first thought was that this was another battle on Titan, but it might actually take place at Avengers HQ.

There was a LEGO set that leaked earlier this year depicting a battle at Avengers HQ, featuring Thanos and several other Avengers. Toys are rarely indicative of what will show up in a movie, but this could be one instance where it's accurate.

Captain America shields up

After being without his shield since Captain America: Civil War, Captain America will wield his trusty shield once again. We got a small glimpse of him wielding the shield in the most recent teaser, but the new trailer is emphatic about him reuniting with his iconic shield.

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