Avengers: Endgame is the movie we've been waiting for.

That's according to the audience who attended the world premiere of the movie at the Los Angeles Coliseum and came out blown away by the Marvel spectacle.

Many viewers, which included members of the media, have called Avengers: Endgame the epic finale a satisfying conclusion to the past eleven years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "I am absolutely floored," wrote one viewer while another said it was "an immensely satisfying payoff, not just to Infinity War but to all films that came before it."

Avengers: Endgame - Everything you need to know

That's good to know, because a lot is riding on Avengers: Endgame. It can be argued that it is the biggest cinematic event in the history of movies. That's a lot to live up to, but it seems the Russo Brothers crafted a fantastic film.

These aren't official reviews, but early word is that Avengers: Endgame will not disappoint.

The entire cast was at the premiere, hot off the insane press junket they have been on. Most recently, they were on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and delivered an amazing rendition of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" that recaps the amazing journey our favorite Avengers have embarked on. You can check out the hilarious video down below.

Avengers: Endgame opens April 26.