Here we have it: arguably the biggest movie of the year.

We don’t normally have the opportunity to see a movie before it hits theaters, and it’s even rarer for us to do a review. But we got invited to the Age of Ultron premiere earlier this month, and we just couldn’t pass it up.

We’ve brought you a ton of Avengers: Age of Ultron coverage over the past several months, and finally we have for you the main course. Does this Avengers sequel live up to all the hype? Jon has his first ever film review, and what a movie to start with.

Before we get started, know that this review is littered with spoilers, so if you want to go into Age of Ultron fresh, don’t watch the video above. By now, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the movie, so some of the major plot points shouldn’t come as a surprise. But even if some of the more exciting action was shown off, Age of Ultron is still well worth your time.

If you can’t hold out until May 1, check out what Jon has to say. I haven’t personally watched Jon’s review, but I can tell you that he was absolutely beaming the day after he saw it.