In the lead up to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel has slowly revealed character posters for each superhero, concluding today with Ultron himself. He looks more menacing than we could have hoped, and the red lights certainly help to get the point across; he’s evil through and through, and he’ll prove to be a formidable foe come May 1.

The hype machine for Age of Ultron is already in full swing, with a recent trailer showing off more action from the upcoming film. The Avengers team have their backs up against the wall as Tony Stark’s attempts to create peace in the world backfires when Ultron forms a God complex. Rather than protecting humans, the only way forward Ultron sees is to completely eliminate every last person on Earth.

While the Ultron poster rounds out all the characters we’ll see in Age of Ultron, there’s still a chance we’ll see one for Vision, an android member of the Avengers who will be portrayed by Paul Bettany. We’ve seen Vision from a distance in the squad poster Marvel released not that long ago, and he also showed up briefly in the most recent trailer. But compared to the other characters, we haven’t yet been given a clear look—and there’s no telling if we’ll get a full poster reveal.

What character poster do you like most? Hulk is the clear winner for me.