The Russo Brothers are hard at work on Avengers 4 reshoots ahead of the movie’s release in 2019. Given the stressful nature of the movie, the directing duo took a break and posted a cool behind-the-scenes photo with an interesting caption, which has sent titles theories into overdrive.

The picture itself isn’t anything special or intriguing; it’s just an image of Joe Russo sitting down while on his computer on the set of Avengers 4. But when you read the caption, it encourages people to look closer at the image for possible clues.

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Look hard…

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The directors wrote “Look hard…” as the caption, prompting fans to search for as many details as possible. Some details fans are pointing to include the ladder, which looks like an A, and a gear box on the far right that resembles an E.

This reignited title ideas for Avengers 4. Some people threw around the title “Avengers: Eternal,” but the one that makes the most sense and has been talked about previously is “Avengers: Endgame.” That word was uttered by Doctor Strange when he gave Thanos the Time Stone and has since been a topic of conversation for fans, and the new image posted by the Russo brothers did little to quell the theory.

Whichever way you take it, the image is likely just a cool look the directors wanted to share with fans. With Marvel already beginning the Captain Marvel hype train, we shouldn’t be too far away from getting information about Avengers 4 (like the official title) with the movie coming out in May 2019.