If Avengers: Infinity War was an appetizer for Avengers 4, I can’t wait for the full meal.

We’ve been speculating quite a bit on what might happen in Avengers 4, who might die, how the Quantum Realm and time travel factor in, and how Earth’s mightiest heroes finally defeat Thanos. A theory recently posted to Reddit has us wondering if the whole battle with Thanos is just a small tease leading up to a crazy Avengers 5, and a crazy twist regarding Thor.

Let’s start at the beginning, and the upcoming Captain Marvel film, a movie which looks to have Civil War level importance to the greater MCU. It has been unofficially confirmed that in her solo film, set in the 90’s she’ll be battling the shape-shifting Skrulls. To those that are familiar with the comic history of the Skrulls, there could be huge implications, leading up to a film adaptation of “Secret Invasion” for Avengers 5. If you aren’t familiar, the Secret Invasion story arc ran from 2008-2009 and revealed to the world that a few Avengers (I won’t spoil the comic for you) were actually Skrulls shapeshifted to hide their true identity. These spies were the first invaders, laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion of Earth. I’ve already written that I think the likeliest candidate to be Skrull-ified is Black Widow, but Reddit user J-Patrick has another theory that sounds incredibly plausible.

So my theory is that in Avengers 4 it will be revealed that Thor is a skrull. From his introduction in Thor right up to Age of Ultron Thor is, generally, serious and males [sic] little to no jokes. This changes with Ragnarok where Thor’s personality changes (completely) to one of a man who spends his time cracking wise and having a good time. (This is where the Skrull takes over.)

In the outset of the film, he states that he set out looking for infinity stones but failed to find any. However, Thor (The real one) did know the location of several. The space stone was at Asgard, which is why he tries to stop Surtr to prevent the destruction of the space stone. The reality stone was with the collector (delivered by the Asgardians) and the power stone was in Xandar (Thor knew this was as he states this to the Guardians in Infinity war. Thor’s costume design also changes inexplicably between Age of Ultron and Ragnarok, showing the change in identity.

This theory while incredibly interesting would definitely make the events of the first three Thor movies subject to scrutiny. This is, however, a crazy twist that I wouldn’t put past Marvel. No matter how Avengers 4 shakes out, we’ll have to deal with the aftermath of The Snappening, Captain Marvel’s introduction, and quite possibly the end of a few of favorite heroes.

The big question here is what do you think? While plausible, it’s probably unlikely, but the debate is half the fun of Marvel movies. Sound off and let us know.