Avengers 4 theories have been flying around since the end of Avengers: Infinity War and as we gradually gain more information about some of the possible plot points, we can narrow down the ones that actually seem possible. It is with this in mind that comes a new theory that explains how two of our favorite superheroes will reunite after their ugly fallout.

In Captain America: Civil War, Helmut Zemo manages to turn the Avengers against each other, leading to an all-out airport brawl. The two factions are led by Iron Man and Captain America, whose friendship slowly deteriorates until it finally implodes with the revelation that Captain knew Bucky Barnes was responsible for murdering Tony’s parents.

After a final battle, the two go their separate ways but not before Captain extends an olive branch.

None of this comes to a head in Infinity War as they still remained separated; Iron Man battled Thanos on Titan and Captain America went to war on Wakanda. MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad offered a fantastic theory about how the two characters will reunite in Avengers 4 that plays off another possible plot point.

A popular rumor suggests that Avengers 4 will jump in time after the events of Infinity War. The most believable report puts the time jump at around five years, giving the Avengers plenty of time to regroup and mount a counter attack, but this doesn’t really fit the narrative of including the long-awaited reunion between Iron Man and Captain America, which is a pretty big deal.

According to Conrad, this could be done through a flashback scene that touches upon the reunion while relaying to Ant-Man everything that happened when he was stuck in the Quantum Realm.

That would be a great way to incorporate the reported time jump, the return of Ant-Man and the reunion of Iron Man and Captain America. Expanding upon his thinking, Conrad responded to a tweet about fans wanting the two characters to meet up right after the snap and go battle Thanos, but he takes it from a different angle. If this did happen, it would lessen the impact of the snap, something Marvel painstakingly made sure it got right.

Very interesting theory. It should go without saying that this is just a theory so none of this might actually happen. But it’s still fun to take shots in the dark at how Marvel will tie up the loose ends it left at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.