We’ve seen a few Avengers 4 concept art images circulating the past few months, but this new one of Thanos peaked my interest. First, the obligatory statement of take this with a grain of salt, but if we are to assume it’s a real image, there’s a decent amount to unpack. The armor he’s wearing looks extremely similar to what he wore when he kidnapped Gamora on her planet Zen-Whoberi and wiped out half of her people, the Zehoberei. If that’s the case, it’s possible this is a concept from Avengers: Infinity War, but with time travel pretty much a certainty in Avengers 4, I’d wager a portion of that film will go back to that moment on Zen-Whoberi. Perhaps that’s when a newly resurrected adult Gamora and team decide Thanos is at his most vulnerable? Also of note, the Infinity Gauntlet appears undamaged, complete with the stones. It’s hard to see if all the stones are in their places, but the Mind Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, and Reality Stone are all visible, lending a bit of credibility to the time travel scenario.  

He also looks to be wielding a glaive, one he never used in Infinity War. It does look incredibly similar to the weapon Corvus Glaive of Thanos’s Black Order used in Infinity War. Perhaps the mad Titan picks up the weapon of his fallen soldier, or perhaps it was Thanos himself who used it first, before giving it to Corvus, once again lending credence to the time travel theory.

At this point, it’s all just fun speculation. If you can’t tell by my recent posts I’m beyond excited for Avengers 4 and am looking for any scrap of information to satiate the comic-sized hole in my heart.