Very few movies were as scrutinized and leaked as Avengers: Infinity War yet, somehow, Marvel managed to keep the biggest surprises secret until the film hit theatres. Now, with just under a year to go until Avengers 4 hits theaters, there are bound to be some surprises and twists we don’t see coming.

The folks at WhatCulture did an awesome job theorizing on Avengers 4, but I took it one step further, and working with comic expert, and our own Editor-in-Chief Sean Aune, I present five Avengers 4 plot twists you won’t see coming.


5. Bruce Banner becomes Professor Hulk

Infinity War featured very little Hulk but a lot of Bruce Banner at conflict with his bruising alter ego. In the comics, this struggle also happened, and in one timeline culminated in a merger of the two personalities dubbed, Professor Hulk, who has the body of hulk while retaining the mind and intellect of Dr. Banner. If this sounds far-fetched to you, an alleged leaked character poster for Avengers 4 shows the Hulk wearing clothes, not just the signature torn purple pants. Why would the Hulk be wearing clothes? I’m betting it’s because Professor Hulk wants a more civilized attire.

4. Shuri Takes over as Black Panther

With T’Challa dissolving in “The Snappening” of Infinity War no one is holding the mantle of Black Panther in Wakanda. Allegedly, there is a five-year time gap between Infinity War and Avengers 4, so someone has to rock the claws during that time, at least until the characters are brought back to life. Look no farther than Shuri, who has taken on the mantle in the comics. There has been some speculation that M’Baku will take the role on, but my bet is Shuri is keeping the seat warm until T’Challa’s inevitable return.

3. Sam Wilson becomes the New Captain America

Since we are on the topic of taking over roles, this one would probably surprise (and disappoint) a few fans. The smart money seems to be on Bucky Barnes taking over the role, but I think Marvel intentionally set that up as being the obvious solution, only to surprise fans with the Falcon trading in his wings for the spangled shield. There is source material precedent for both of them becoming Captain America, but a switcheroo seems like a classic Marvel movie. Obviously, this won’t transpire unless something happens to Chris Evans’s iteration of the hero, and it seems like a foregone conclusion (although still speculation) that Captain America will sacrifice his life to save the world in a final battle with Thanos.

2. Doctor Strange Warned Nick Fury

While stranded on Titan, Dr. Strange went into an odd trance where he said he saw only one possible outcome where Thanos could be defeated. While much has been speculated on what that actually was, I believe he actually astrally projected himself back to the 1990s and coincidently when the upcoming Captain Marvel movie takes place to warn Nick Fury and tell him exactly what to do and who to call when Thanos appears in 30 years. This would explain why Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel when New York was under siege or when Ultron was leveling cities. It also nicely ties up why Fury knew exactly what to do when he started disintegrating and why he was still holding on to 90’s tech like a pager. One step further, I’d imagine we’ll actually see Doctor Strange warn fury sometime in Captain Marvel or perhaps, in the mid or after credits scene.

1. Black Widow is a Skrull

We already know the Kree exist in the MCU (Ronan was one after all) and it’s all but confirmed Captain Marvel will focus on the Kree/Skrull War. If you aren’t familiar, the Skrulls are a shapeshifting alien race who infiltrate earth. Why spend a whole movie setting up this infiltration storyline if there isn’t going to be a big payoff? Sometime during Avengers 4, perhaps even the after credits scene, we will see Natasha Romanoff revealed to be a Skrull, leading us perfectly into her just-announced standalone film. I’d be excited to see the real Black Widow spend her movie battling her Skrull fake.

These are all just theories and speculation, but all are based on comic book history and subsequently have precedence. Out of all of these, which one would surprise you the most? Which do you think will and won’t happen? Sound off in the comments and let’s countdown to Avengers 4!