Last week, the Russo Brothers dropped a tantalizing tease about Avengers 4. The tease in question was an overexposed beam of light that gave us nothing to work with, but one fan has allegedly found a solution that actually makes sense.

Fan BossLogic used the picture posted by the Russo Brothers and connected it to the blast residue from Iron Man’s proton cannon super attack from the Marvel vs. Capcom video game. Seeing the two images side by side actually fits in nicely lending some credence to the connection, but it’s still likely not the solution for the tease the Russo Brothers gave us.

The story is more of a jest taken at the directors for releasing a teaser that is nearly impossible to solve. But Boss Logic’s conclusion does not come out of nowhere. In a recent set photo of Avengers 4 revealed a machine that looks a lot like Iron Man’s proton cannon.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, it makes sense for Iron Man to go all out and bring out his biggest and baddest weapons to take down Thanos. His proton cannon sounds like the right weapon for the job.

The unique theory may prove to be accurate, but we won’t find out until Avengers 4 arrives on theaters May 3, 2019.