We’ve discussed just about every aspect of Avengers 4 that we can find, yet we’re still not done discovering new details that are revealing big events happening in the next Avengers movie. The latest discovery comes courtesy of an onset interview with Robert Downey Jr. that may reveal he pays a visit to a new set of characters.

Twitter user SpideySensesYou first found the photo in question. In the image, Robert Downey Jr. – who portrays Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel movies – is talking shop about the movie doing throwing around his charm. At first glance, you may think nothing of the photo but if you examine Downey Jr’s look and the background closer, a major spoiler is given.

Robert Downey Jr is conducting the interview on a set used for Shuri’s lab in Wakanda. If you remember, Tony Stark has not stepped foot in Wakanda before. His entire arc in Avengers: Infinity War took place in New York City and in Titan where he – alongside Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians – battled Thanos. But he never makes his way to Wakanda.


To confirm the connection, SpideySensesYou posted another picture of Shuri in Infinity War with the same background.


On top of that, just take a look at Downey Jr’s look. He looks more aged and weathered, and has new highlights on his hair. It’s a look he did not have in Infinity War, all but confirming that it is a look he’ll wear in Avengers 4.

Putting the two together reveals that Iron Man will finally visit Wakanda in Avengers 4 and meet up with Shuri, a fellow technology mastermind. Just thinking about the witty banter the two will have is enough to make you smile and get excited for the movie

All that being said, take the connection with a gigantic grain of salt. Although it heavily implies Iron Man’s introduction to Wakanda, it could just be a random coincidence. Actors do onset interviews all the time, and in this particular session, Downey Jr. may have just been doing one that happen to take place on set of Wakanda.

Regardless, it’s still fun to find little details like this and make the connection.