There have been some theories about how Avengers 4 will unfold, but how the film will conclude is still a mystery. Thanks to a new plot leak, however, we may know what’s in store for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes—and one character isn’t who we thought.

Avengers 4 will apparently begin with Ant-Man stuck in the Quantum Realm, where he was stranded at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. While there, he escapes by jumping into a time vortex and ends up in a time pre-Iron Man. Ant-Man then seeks out a younger Hank Pym, who helps him develop a sling ring.

With the heroes regrouped on Earth in present day, Ant-Man again travels through time, now with the knowledge and capabilities to easily create gateways to other locations.

There’s a lot of death

Meanwhile, Thor has traveled to Hel, where he enlists an army to fight against Thanos. (At this point, however, Thor has no idea where Thanos is.) Thanos gets wind of what the Avengers are up to and sends an army to take them out.

A huge battle unfolds, with both Thor and Captain America dying in battle. But they aren’t gone completely. The Avengers utilize time travel again in an effort to stop Thanos before he began to collect the Infinity Stones.

Once back in time, the Avengers recruit Captain America from before he sacrificed himself in The First Avenger. Then, with Captain America’s help, they travel to different moments in time to collect the Infinity Stones, including the Battle of New York.

Strangely, the leak claims Eternity, Marvel’s cosmic being,  will help the Avengers (with an ulterior motive), giving them the ability to more easily control their movement through time. All the while, Captain Marvel has joined the team, but reportedly doesn’t do much until the latter half of the movie.

Once the Avengers manage to collect the stones and create their own gauntlet, Hulk wields it but loses his arm, later getting a mechanical one just like Winter Soldier. In the process, however, he manages to defeat Thanos, simultaneously destroying the gauntlet and the Infinity Stones.

Things only get crazier

Apparently, Eternity will reveal himself to be a future version of Tony Stark who ascended his mortal body. It’s then revealed that present-day Tony is to become Kang, also known Kang the Conquerer, a powerful villain with genius-level intellect, enhanced strength, and the ability to control other forms of technology.

The Avengers then battle against Kang, prompting a now risen Doctor Strange to go back in time and kill Tony before he becomes evil. They’re successful, but not without plenty of death and sacrifice.

And as a “one more thing” surprise, the Avengers 4’s post-credits scene will apparently show Ultron waking up.

As absurd as the plot leak is, some of the points line up with rumors we’ve heard. For example, Hulk wielding an Infinity Gauntlet and the possibility of a cosmic entity showing up.

As for Tony Stark turning into a villain, that’s a really tough one to accept, given how committed he’s been to protecting Earth over the past ten years. He’s become the staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and suddenly reversing that seems like a stretch.

But it would make for one hell of a twist. He’s become emotionally unstable since the first Avengers and has an incredibly large ego. Plus, it’s unclear if Marvel can use Kang unless a deal was secretly made with Fox (which is what happened for Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2).

This plot leak could be nothing more than wild fan fiction, but it certainly makes for good entertainment. You can get more of the details from the source link below.