We’ve heard some mind-blowing theories in the build up to Avengers 4, but this latest one has us rethinking our entire reality. That’s because who we thought was dead might not actually be dead—and there’s so much evidence to support this claim.

A new theory from tman391 on Reddit argues that Doctor Strange actually didn’t die, and there’s a magical explanation behind it. There’s one scene in the Doctor Strange movie that tman391 says proves the Sorcerer Supreme is alive and well:

In the scene where Strange and The Ancient One converse in atsral form, she mentions that no matter how much she peered through time, she could never see past what is taking place at that moment: her death. Strange then backs this up by asking that exact question, “You think this is where you die.” This leads me to believe it’s impossible to see a future past your death. Therefore, it would be impossible for Strange to view the 14,000,605 futures unless A) he never died in the snap. Or B) the Russo brothers missed this key detail.

This theory of him not dying, but still turning into dust can support the idea of souls being trapped int he soul stone or quantum realm because if his soul lives he may still be able to see the futures past his “death.”

It’s a good point and one that has us rethinking everything we thought we knew about Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

There have been some terrific theories about Doctor Strange over the past few months, and we can add this latest one to the list.

Of course, as some commenters have pointed out, the theory isn’t air-tight. It’s possible Doctor Strange was able to see past his death because he was able to utilize the Time Stone, giving him immense control over time.

Whatever happens, we know for certain that Doctor Strange will come back to life in Avengers 4, along with characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Groot.

Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.