The directors of Avengers 4 revealed in a tweet that reshoots on the highly anticipated movie have wrapped. In true mysterious fashion, the Russo Brothers attached a perplexing photo that has us going a little crazy trying to figure out what it is.

Along with the tweet that had the caption “#wrapped,” an image of a blue light that overexposes the subject is included. We can’t quite make out what it is. Is it a headlight? An Infinity Stone? The Avengers’ weapon against Thanos? We have no idea.

What we do know is that it looks eerily similar to the same blue hue the Tesseract emitted. That being said, it’s a very different shape—the Tesseract was cube shaped before it was destroyed by Thanos to attain the Infinity Stone inside of it.

Users on Twitter have darkened the image to get a better look but that doesn’t give us much else to go on and sadly the mystery still remains.

The Russo Brothers are making it a habit of dropping tantalizing teases on Twitter. Not too long ago, they released an image that reportedly included a clue to the movie’s title. Amidst the background of production equipment, users found the silhouettes of two capital A’s, jump-starting the buzz surrounding the movie’s title.

Through leaks and various other reports, the movie’s title is now expected to be Avengers: Annihilation, though the Russo Brothers and other Marvel brass have yet to confirm it.

Hopefully the Russo Brothers release another teaser to accompany the image because we’re coming up empty.