Avengers 4 won’t just feature one bad guy, it’s apparently bringing back another baddie who tormented one of our favorite Avengers for two movies. That’d be Crossbones, who battled Captain America in The Winter Soldier and Civil War. He’ll reportedly take another shot at the First Avengers in Avengers 4.

Actor Frank Grillo, who portrays the villain in the MCU, was recently a guest on the UFC Unfiltered podcast where his role as Crossbones came up. If you remember, the last time he battled Captain America was early in Civil War, which resulted in his death. To our surprise, the actor revealed Crossbones is returning for Avengers 4.

“He makes an appearance in the next Avengers, but it’s a flashback,” said Grillo. His response was short and didn’t elaborate too much, which was probably on purpose.

That’s the first time we’ve heard Crossbones is making an appearance in Avengers 4. It’s presumably because his role will not be that big and is only used in a flashback—Grillo doesn’t specify how long the scene is—but regardless, it’s still news. It also gives us some insight into the possible nature of the flashback scene.

Crossbones only appeared in The Winter Soldier and Civil War, so if we take those appearances as any indicators, it’s that they’ll be through Captain America’s point of view. That may also tie in with the time travel plot device Avengers 4 is expected to use.

This is yet the latest piece of a very large Avengers 4 puzzle. Hopefully, Marvel gives us more pieces to work with with the highly anticipated teaser we’ve been hearing a lot about.