Marvel Studios has yet to share any information about Avengers 4, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from endlessly speculating about how the movie will conclude. Until we get actual information, we at least now have Avengers 4 concept art to drool over.

The concept art gives us a detailed look at some of the surviving Avengers, including Thor, Iron Man, Rocket, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. There’s also a very curious image of Hulk, who is wearing a full body suit that will surely make him a worthy adversary in battle. Did Shuri give him an upgrade?

Speaking of Hulk, many have speculated that the character will evolve into Professor Hulk in Avengers 4. The concept art doesn’t give an indication to his possible evolvement, but that’s the popular theory.

If Marvel does introduce Professor Hulk, it would be a nice conclusion for the character’s mini arc, which began in Thor: Ragnarok. In that film, Hulk was the dominating personality. Then, in Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner came back to the forefront, with Hulk disappearing completely.

Professor Hulk should be a blend of the two personalities—brains and brawn. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but it would be a very fitting way to bring the two characters together.

The other concept art doesn’t show much, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Thor looks as heroic as ever, while Iron Man’s nano suit looks impressive. There’s also an image of Captain America sans beard, who looks to have finally gotten his suit back.

In lieu of official information, this concept art will help tide fans over as we slowly edge toward Avengers 4’s 2019 release. Check out the character art in the gallery above.