The app switcher in iOS is elementary in its execution and inelegant when compared to solutions found on Android. Plain and simple, it needs to be changed. But Apple hands seem to be perfectly content with its simplicity—double press the home button, and tap on an icon to jump back to a previously opened app. Surely there's a better way, right?

Auxo, a jailbreak tweak that'll soon be available through Cydia, introduces an excellent card-like interface that gives users more info—down to the app's exact previous state—and an additional area for quick-access settings, which Apple badly needs to implement. It's an elegant solution—webOS-like in its execution—to Apple's long-running refusal to breathe life into its app switcher, and iOS as a whole.

For whatever reason, Apple hasn't introduced a way to quickly turn settings on and off aside from orientation lock. After years and years of the same thing, iOS users need something new, something better. Auxo could be it. Hopefully someone within the Apple camp will see what the community is up to, and introduce some of these ideas when iOS 7 hits next year.

Check out the video above for a full explanation on Auxo.