LG didn’t reveal any new wearables at its big press event on Monday, but it looks like the company still has something up its sleeve. Audi offered a quick look at what appears to be a new LG smartwatch during a presentation earlier today, and The Verge managed to snap a few photos of the mysterious new device.

We’re still not sure exactly what we’re looking at here, though it seems like an upgraded version of the current G Watch R with more buttons and a bulkier design. It’s possible LG simply modified its latest smartwatch for Audi. After all, the software pictured above looks more like a specialized OS than regular old Android Wear.

It’s also possible this could be our first glimpse at the rumored G Watch R2. Last we heard the company was working on a next-gen version of the device with built-in 4G service, though the new smartwatch isn’t expected to launch until later this year in March. For now LG and Audi aren’t offering any more information on the mystery new smartwatch, though hopefully we’ll learn more soon.