Are car keys dead? Maybe, at least if you plan on using Audi's brand new Mobile Key application for Android. We had a chance to check out the application during the 2015 CES and boy is it a cool piece of software.

The gist of it is this: The application can tap into your car to allow you to check how much gas is in your tank, how long until you need an oil change, how many more miles you have until your next inspection and more. Even cooler, it can fully serve as your set of keys using NFC pairing technology. So, you can unlock your car, lock it, start your car and more.

Because it's all digital, though, you can actually register other drivers and phones for use with your Audi car. So you can register your wife's phone, your son or daughter's and maybe even a friend's. All of them will be able to control your car so long as they have access, and you can cut them off at any time. Grounding your kid? No more digital car keys.

Check out how this all works in our video above, it's really exciting stuff.