While roaming the Audi booth at the 2014 Geneva motor show, we had an opportunity to check out the automaker’s G-Tron, which isn’t actually from the Transformer universe. Based on the A3 Sportback, the G-Tron is Audi’s take on a more eco-friendly car, capable of running on both regular gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG), which can be switched automatically or manually. It looks like your standard A3, though the G-Tron sports a 110-hp 1.4 liter TFSI engine that can produce 148 lb-ft or torque.

In order to actually get the G-Tron running on CNG, Audi had to bring down the horsepower, and alter a few of the vehicle’s internals, including the cylinder head, injection system and turbocharger. With that, you can expect the G-Tron to push 60 mph in about 11 seconds, which is pretty leisurely for the high-end auto crowd. Be that as it may, the G-Tron’s slow pace will get you 62 miles per 7.7 pounds of CNG, which is about a quarter of the vehicle’s CNG tanks; the range in total is around 250 miles, with about another 560 miles when using the gasoline tank. Refueling the CNG tanks, meanwhile, will take just a few short minutes, Audi said.

Check out the video for a full look at Audi’s A3 g-tron. There are also some instrument changes on the inside and, if you’re curious, the CNG filler port is actually located in the same fuel door as the gasoline port, ensuring for the most seamless integration. After you’re done checking out the G-Tron, stay tuned for more coverage from the Geneva Motor Show.