If AT&T is the carrier printing your wireless bill and you’re in search of a 4G LTE Windows Phone, and a bargain, Amazon Wireless’s latest offering just might be too tempting to pass up. The e-tailer is offering the Samsung Focus 2 for the ultra-low price of $.99 on a new two-year service agreement for individual and family plans. However, there is a bit of an odd twist to this promo, as Amazon will sell the Focus 2 to renewing individuals for $.99, but will charge renewing family plan members $79.99. That’s more expensive than AT&T’s $49.99 asking price. So what have we learned here?

If you’re a renewing solo act or a prospecting customer interested in the Samsung Focus 2, head on over to Amazon Wireless. If you’re an aspiring family plan member looking to renew your service agreement with hopes of Samsung’s latest Windows Phone being your reward, you’ll find a better deal from AT&T.

[via: Amazon Wireless]