AT&T’s HTC One X is literally days away from launching and, as Android enthusiasts wait with open arms, there may be something going on with this beautiful monster that could prove to be a bit of a roadblock. Aside from slightly different guts from its international counterpart, AT&T’s One X’s bootloader appears to be locked down. After tinkering with AT&T’s latest up and comer, the folks from MoDaCo tried to run it through HTCDev to set its bootloader free, but sadly were met with a “MID ERROR 160″ notification instead.

Now this may not be a major deal breaker for some, but at its core, the Android community has a history of wanting to exploit and customize powerhouse devices such as the One X. This is something that can potentially be fixed with time, so here’s to hoping that HTC lets this dog off the leash sooner than later.

[via: MoDaCo]