T-Mobile Store

With the iPhone event only a day away, many retailers, analysts and media types are eagerly anticipating what Apple has in store.

That is, unless you’re not invited to the party. According to TmoNews, T-Mobile is encouraging its retail employees to “attack the iPhone” ahead of it’s rumored mid-October release. T-Mobile’s purported plan will essentially be to steer iPhone questions toward why the carrier’s Android phones and 4G nationwide network is a smarter choice. Additionally, Magenta plans on piquing custumer interest in their products by asking lifestyle questions and “Why not T-Mobile”?

It’s quite a bold approach for T-Mobile, especially when you consider the report that Sprint has shelled out a whopping $20 billion to get the iPhone on their network. Being the only wireless company left out of offering the iPhone could spell disaster.

This wouldn’t be the first time T-Mobile has gone anti-iPhone, however. You all probably remember the commercials poking fun at the iPhone (not to mention other carriers)? It’s now on a much more local level if this is to be believed. One has to wonder, though, with iPhone’s popularity at an all-time high, if T-Mobile can actually persuade new customers to sign on the dotted line when they don’t have one of the most popular phones on the market.

[via TmoNews]