Would you believe it’ll be four years since the start of Attack on Titan in Japan this April? The first (and only) full season of the show aired in Japan from Apil 2013 until September of the same year.

The world fell in love, and then we fell into the waiting room. Attack on Titan‘s second season, while confirmed, hasn’t aired. It was supposed to arrive in 2016, though that date was pushed back. Most recently, it was confirmed for an April 2017 release. That’s four years since the first.

The good news? Today we have an official trailer for the second season of the series. It looks fantastic.

“Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this entire time.”

There’s a moment in the trailer when we hear a voice that drops the quote above, and that’s a revelatory statement for the show. Titans, without spoiling everything, are a horrendous monstrosity, save a few exceptions. The notion that those beasts ripping mankind limb from limb have been protectors is pretty darn awesome.

What, exactly, have they been protecting people from?

We’ll find out in April of next year.