Since our last discussion on the hit anime series Attack on Titan, I have done a bit more digging and seen how much of an underground smash it really has become. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to take a break from my anime retirement and just sit back to enjoy a series.

Not only do I not wish to be left behind on a possible future classic, but I also want to get myself prepared for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Attack on Titans: The Last Wings of Humankind. A new batch of screenshots from Spike Chunsoft show higher resolution textures and the true grand scale of the Titans.

That being said, has there been any anime series that can be defined as “classics” or “must sees” in the past half a decade or so? I think the last time I sat and seriously watched an anime from beginning to end was Samurai Champloo, and that was almost ten years ago.

Call it ironic, but I think being in Japan has drained my interest in anime, or maybe it’s just been because there hasn’t been enough worth checking out after it boomed in the early 2000s.

Let me know more about Attack on Titan or any other decent animes in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. Any hopes for it being localized?