While you can expect The Avengers: Age of Ultron to dominate the box office during its United States opening this weekend, don't forget that Japan has its own widely anticipated comic book adaptation releasing later this year. The mega popular anime and manga Attack on Titan has its first live action trailer featuring only a minimal amount of feasting on human flesh.

If you know the story, the trailer just sums up the plot briefly. Humans live behind the safety of an impossibly high wall, their only protection from a world populated by roaming, man-eating giants. One of these titans, much larger than the rest, causes a section of the wall to collapse, and the slaughter (buffet) begins. A young man from within the walls named Eren convinces his friends to join an elite group of soldiers, and they fight back with acrobatic moves.

I'm not the biggest supporter of Attack on Titan, but it does have a huge fanbase out there. However, I do have a few reasons to look forward to it. The excellent Rurouni Kenshin movies point to Japanese studios finally learning how to make live-action adaptations of their comics more tolerable, so Attack on Titan should be enough to point out if those were just a fluke or not.

We'll see. Looks like a solid enough adaptation. Hopefully, the brisk running time will keep Eren's whining to a bare minimum.