Not the end of the world here, folks, but something you should know about nonetheless. AT&T will increase the price of its unlimited data plans by $5 come February. The news was first reported by 9to5Mac.

That means customers on AT&T's current unlimited data plans, which cost $30 per month right now, can expect to pay $35 in just a few months. The data, as is the case with many carriers, isn't technically "unlimited" in the sense that you can go about downloading data at 4G LTE speeds until the cows come home – instead, you're capped after you hit 22GB of LTE data. That's still plenty, especially considering the average user probably consumes somewhere under $5.

This isn't something limited to AT&T. All carriers seem to be bumping the prices of unlimited data, likely in an effort to get users to slowly switch over to buckets or more uniform plans. T-Mobile's prices increased from $30 to $45 recently (for new customers only), while Verizon's increased from $30 to $50 per month. Sprint offers unlimited data to customers for $70 per month.