AT&T just announced changes to its current unlimited plan while also launching a new and more affordable unlimited option (so long as you don't mind slower data speeds.) The plans are called Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice.

The Unlimited Plus Plan is the one you're already familiar with. In an effort to take on T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, AT&T added tethering support (up to 10GB of LTE data per line before its throttled.) It's a big move, especially since AT&T was the lone holdout until now. The company also sweetened the deal with incentives on its video products. Anyone who pays for U-Verse, DIRECTV Now or DIRECTV gets a $25 monthly bill credit. In other words, you're now paying $10 for the entry-level DIRECTV Now plan that usually starts at $35. That's pretty sweet.

The brand new Unlimited Choice plan is definitely limiting in some regards. You're stuck at up to 3Mbps data speeds, for example, instead of full-fledged AT&T LTE speeds. Tethering isn't included and you're stuck streaming only 480p video. There also isn't any sort of TV credit. That's not great for most of us, but I bet there are plenty of parents who want to save on their kids' wireless bill. This is for them, especially if the kids don't even notice LTE speeds anyway.


Unlimited Plus Single lines start at $90 a month for a single smartphone, $100/month with a smartphone and DIRECTV Now, or $115/month with DIRECTV. AT&T Unlimited Plus plans with four lines will set you back $185 a month or $195/month with DIRECTV Now and $210 a month with DIRECTV. The pricing varies depending on how many lines there are, of course.

Unlimited Choice starts at $60 a month for one smartphone or $155/month for four lines. Again, pricing varies depending on how many lines you have.

No matter which plan you have, tablets, wireless home phones, standalone hotspots and wearables all cost more per month. All but the wearables cost $20/month each while wearables will run you $10/month per item for data.

The plans are available to everyone, including new and current customers and even folks who just switched to AT&T's new unlimited plans. As someone who has been sitting on a 3-line account with 60GB of data, and getting what I've felt is still better than an unlimited plan, I'm finally tempted to switch to AT&T's new offering.