Everyone has seen or heard Verizon's recent attacks on AT&T's network.They've already filed suit and now, in an effort to clear the air, they've responded to these attacks on their website.


According to AT&T, their network coverage is tremendous with only 3% of the U.S. population out of reach.They see Verizon's ads intentionally tricking consumers into thinking otherwise.They're right in that Verizon's network reaches 289 million customers compared to AT&T's larger 303 million.The argument ends there.

AT&T rampages on an 'Unlike Verizon' campaign with a list all the reasons they're a step ahead.They say they've got 'most popular smartphones', but the only phone that comes to mind is the iPhone.They've got the most wireless apps but iPhone exclusivity will eventually end, carrying those apps to other networks. Half of these arguments are essentially dependent on the iPhone.Is this a good strategy?If these are AT&T's four strongest arguments, they're not going to have a leg to stand on when Verizon has a head start in the race to rollout 4G LTE.

AT&T wants to make it clear they're the #1 carrier in the United States.Unfortunately, this press release isn't going to have the same reach as Verizon's ads.If AT&T wants to defend its brand, it's going to have to swing back harder with a more public approach.As AT&T's eroding network has soured during the life of the iPhone, perhaps they'd be more effective if they started back at square one; improving network quality.Haven't they heard that actions speak louder than words?