Kindle 3The 3G Kindle will soon be available at your local AT&T store. The e-reader is expected to make its way to all 2,000+ owned-and-operated AT&T retail stores on March 6th, and will sell for $190, the same price the device is available for on Amazon’s website.

AT&T is already the wireless provider for the 3G Kindle, so it’s not surprising that it might consider selling the device in its stores. The $190 price tag also makes the Kindle inexpensive enough that someone might purchase one as an impulse buy, or grab one while they are already purchasing a phone or accessories from the AT&T store.

Having the Kindle at the AT&T also allows potential customers to try the e-reader out before making a purchase, an option that definitely isn’t available online. Customers who might have been trepidatious about buying the reader can get a hands-on with the device at AT&T and decide if it’s right for them before making a purchase.

Would you be more likely to purchase a Kindle at your local AT&T store rather than Amazon?

[via Business Insider]