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The carrier price wars aren’t stopping anytime soon, and starting tomorrow AT&T is rolling out a new offer to bring in more customers and keep the current ones from leaving. The network just announced plans to offer 15GB of monthly data for the same price that it typically charges for just 10GB on its Mobile Share Value plans.

The offer will be available to new and existing customers starting on Nov. 18 for a limited time. If you’re already a Mobile Value Share subscriber, AT&T won’t switch you over automatically, but you can head to the carrier’s website or boot up the myAT&T app to take advantage of the deal.

The 10GB (now 15GB) plan costs $100 per month plus an extra $15 for each connected smartphone, and includes unlimited talk and text. Switching to the carrier and activating a new line will also net qualified consumers and small businesses a $150 bill credit.

AT&T notes that 15GB of data is enough to stream 160 hours of music, surf the web for 300 hours, share 1,000 photos online or download 100 new apps. For most families, however, the network’s new offer should simply make it a little easier to get through the month without going over the limit.