The mobile security firm Lookout announced a new major deal with AT&T on Thursday. Moving forward, the company's software will be installed on all of AT&T's Android smartphones. AT&T is now the third major U.S. carrier to sell phones with the app installed and joins T-Mobile and Sprint. Verizon has access to the lookout API but does not install the app on its smartphones by default.

Lookout is already installed on AT&T's Galaxy Note 3, though it will come pre-installed on AT&T Android smartphones moving forward. The free application is also available as a download from Google Play. "With Lookout, AT&T customers can have the confidence to use their phone to its fullest capability, and rest assured knowing they are protected no matter what they do," Lookout's Tim Roper said in a blog post. "Whether it's helping to find a lost/stolen phone, managing phone security or backing up precious data, we're helping AT&T customers with a safer, more secure, mobile experience."

We still have yet to see a huge need for mobile security software on phones, though Lookout may be a good choice if you're a frequent user of un-approved applications or want to use a different backup solution.