AT&T Store Kansas City - 01

J.D. Power and Associates released its customer Care Full-Service Performance Study on Thursday, which ranks U.S. wireless carriers based on how well each performs in regards to customer service. AT&T took the cake for the second time in a row, beating out Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint.

AT&T received a score of 793 on a scale of 1,000 based on J.D. Power’s findings. It was followed by Verizon Wireless with a score of 788, the full-service industry average score of 782, T-Mobile with a score of 778 and Sprint, which scored 757/1,000. J.D. Power also ranked non-contract carriers, in which MetroPCS came out on top with a score of 758. It was followed by Virgin Mobile (751), Boost Mobile (742), Cricket (718), Tracfone (714), Straight Talk (685) and Net10 (669).

The scores vary dramatically based on the kind of experience a customer has on the phone. In general, J.D. Power said a customer who was on the phone for fewer than five minutes had a customer care satisfaction score of 843. Meanwhile, phone calls that lasted longer than 15 minutes dropped that score down to about 603. A customer who is on the phone longer than 15 minutes is 30 percent more likely to switch carriers, too, J.D. Power said.

AT&T said it has specifically focused on reducing customer wait times and continues to put a focus on customer representative training, designing stores that cater better to customers and more.