Not too long ago, there was a time where the AT&T’s smartphone line up consisted of some run of the mill BlackBerrys and the ever so exclusive iPhone.  This last year or so with rumors of iPhone exclusivity coming to an end, it seems AT&T’s rounding up the best smartphones on the market to join what seems to be the best device portfolio in these here parts.

Remember earlier in the year at CES, AT&T announced that they’d be picking up five Android handsets in the first half of 2010.  Well, last week Google casually announced the Nexus One would be immediately shipping with hardware compatible with Rogers and AT&T 3G bands.  AT&T subscribers waiting to swipe one up can do so at for the same unlocked price that we’ve seen plastered on the T-Mobile flavor.  While Google may have unleashed the Nexus One without cooperation from AT&T, those looking to switch carriers for the device now have reason to stick around.


Stirred in with the announcement of five scheduled Android handsets, AT&T slipped another vague piece of information about two Palm devices that’d be getting the AT&T treatment sometime in the first half of the year.  While Palm remained mum on their plans to expand, many expected the Pre & Pixi to fit the part.  As it turns out, yesterday Palm and AT&T announced that the two well-known smartphones would be making the GSM transition in the coming months.  Perhaps Rubinstein’s hoping this might get Palm out of the red?

Now, it seems, AT&T has the best smartphone from nearly every platform.  The BlackBerry Bold 9700, iPhone 3GS, Nexus One, and Palm Pre Plus will all sit comfortably in AT&T’s arsenal to combat the competition from big ‘ol Verizon.  Windows Mobile diehards are still stuck clinging to T-Mobile unless, of course, you don’t mind 2G speeds.  So is such a stacked smartphone lineup a sign that AT&T is prepping for the end of the iPhone exclusivity agreement?  Hopefully we’ll hear more this summer.