The Galaxy S5 probably won’t be announced until early 2014, but AT&T may already be testing Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. The latest news comes from @evleaks, who’s built up a solid reputation for accurate leaks and notes that the U.S. carrier is playing around with a high-end handset that could be a followup to the popular S4.

There have been plenty of rumors thrown around concerning new specs and features Samsung may introduce with the Galaxy S5, ranging from a 2K display to an eye scanner that would challenge Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. We’ve also heard the South Korean company will stick with plastic over metal for the device’s design, though it may use the same faux-leather backing introduced with the Galaxy Note 3. Considering that AT&T is allegedly testing a new high-res handset, perhaps it is indeed the Galaxy S5 with a 2K screen.

We won’t know anything for sure until Samsung makes an official announcement though, which likely won’t happen for at least a few more months. The company unveiled the Galaxy S III in April 2012, while the Galaxy S4 was officially announced less than year later in mid-March 2013, lending some support to predictions that the Galaxy S5 could be revealed as early as February 2014.

Hopefully we’ll have some more concrete information soon. Stay tuned.