AT&T LogoStarting Sunday AT&T customers will have some different options when it comes to their data plans. The carrier is changing its data offerings across the board, now offering 300MB for $20, 3GB for $30, and 5GB with tethering for $50.

While the price changes signify an increase in cost, they also reflect a lower cost per GB for each plan. Currently 200MB of data from AT&T will run you $15, you can get 2GB for $25, or 4GB with tethering for $45. While you’re paying a bit more for each tier under the new plan, you’re also getting a little more out of the deal.

The changes officially go into effect this Sunday. If you’re currently an AT&T customer, you can hold on to your current plan, or choose to opt into a new one on your own online. New customers, however, will be required to purchase one of the new plans starting Sunday.