New iPad - iWork

If you walk into an AT&T store today, chances are you’ll run into an employee at a computer somewhere. Every time I go to grab a SIM card or purchase an accessory for a new phone, I ultimately end up standing at a counter in front of an employee who is finalizing my order through a computer system. That’s all about to change, according to 9to5Mac.

Reportedly, AT&T is preparing to deploy iPads to all of its stores over the next two years in an effort to simplify its current system. Instead of relying on computers and iPhones loaded with the company’s OPUS software, the company allegedly has plans to move everything over to iPads. “This iPad-based system will replicate all functionality from the older, desktop-computer OPUS system,” 9to5Mac said. The site also noted that AT&T will use the tablets for everything from accessing and changing user accounts to finalizing a sale.

The new system is expected to kick off as early as next year. If it means spending less time in the store, we’re all for it.

[via 9to5Mac]