Just in time for 2010’s TED Conference, AT&T announced that the first TED mobile conference app is available as a web app or downloadable mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Nokia users.  This year’s TED conference runs from February 10th through the 13th where a lineup of speakers are set to present new ideas that inspire and enlighten.

The annual TED conference includes presentations that include science, business, the arts, and global issues facing our world.  Over the four-day event, 50 speakers will share their knowledge in a completely original presentation during their own 18-minute time slot.  The TED application, built from Plusmo, allows TED attendees to access the program guide that can be easily updated to push changes in real tedapptime. Within the application attendees can preview session details, presenter bios, and real-time alerts on TED news.  If you’re an iPhone, Android, and Nokia user you can find the app in your corresponding store.

In September of ’09, AT&T acquired the mobile widget developer and platform, Plusmo.  Plusmo allows developers to create widgets based on web standards that are able to be viewed across the multiple mobile platforms, all within their browsers.   Essentially, it’s an open development platform that allows developers to create web apps that are capable of spanning a diverse handset lineup without individual development focus.  To view the thousands of applications available across the six platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, Java, WAP), direct your mobile browser to plusmo.com.

For more information on this year’s presenters, check out TED’s program schedule.  I can’t wait to watch Christopher Poole’s session on provocation.  You may know him better as Moot or the founder of 4chan, the internet’s strangest subculture.  Any sessions you’re going to check out?