AT&T Aspire

AT&T announced on Monday that it is relaunching its Aspire program, which aims to help students graduate high school and find careers or get into college. The company is providing a $250 million financial commitment over 5 years and the program will be discussed in further detail by AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson during his keynote at the "Building a Grad Nation Summit" today.

"AT&T Aspire works toward an America where every student graduates high school equipped with the knowledge and skills to strengthen the nation's workforce," AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said.

AT&T says it is planning to take a "socially innovative" approach to the Aspire program and that it will use resources from the AT&T Foundry developer program, including innovation centers in Texas, California and Israel. The Mentoring Academy aspect of Aspire will pair students with AT&T employees who will help them with career path development and "skill-based mentoring." Employees and students will also interact together on teams in an effort to help students learn work/life skills by "exploring real business problems."

"The new and expanded AT&T commitment builds on the work AT&T Aspire has completed in the last four years," AT&T said in a statement.  AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have invested more than $100 million in Aspire since 2008 – and more than $923 million in education since 1984. AT&T and the AT&T Foundation's total community giving amounted to $2.2 billion from 1984 to 2011."