AT&T is raising the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans yet again, continuing its recent annual tradition of making the data plan more expensive. First reported by MacRumors, a support page on AT&T's site relates that grandfathered unlimited data plans will see their price rise from $40 to $45.

AT&T originally discontinued these data plans back in 2010, but users who were already on the plan were grandfathered in. However, throughout the years AT&T has been gradually trying to nudge users to adopt a new plan, including the revamped unlimited data plans it launched in 2017, since the original plans don't have a limit on the amount of data users can use.

The latest price hike comes just over a year after AT&T raised the price from $35 to $40, which followed a similar price hike in 2016 from $30 to $35. Given AT&T's precedence, it looks like it's going to be raising the price every year from here on out while trying to make its current data plans more appealing.

AT&T's current "Unlimited Choice Enhanced" and "Unlimited Plus Enhanced" plans come with a 22GB cap before you may be de-prioritized, but they start at $65 and $80, respectively, for one line, which is much pricier than the $45 grandfathered plan. It does seem like AT&T is trying to close that gap little by little.

Users with grandfathered unlimited data should soon start receiving an email about the $5 price hike, which will take effect beginning in July.